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Consultation Procedure and Fees

Initial Consultation

This step is very important.  The forms you fill out and the tests that are performed are to ensure the the best possible outcome and the utmost in safety.  If indicated you may need to have some x-rays as part of the initial visit, if so a script for those will be given to you by the chiropractor.  You will also have the risks explained and the possible outcomes.  Signature of acknowledgement must be signed.  In the case of minors we ask that a parent is present at all times.

Depending on the complexity, you may or may not have a treatment on the initial consultation.

Report of Findings
During this consultation, the results of the tests and course of action will be explained.  If indicated you may need to be referred, particularly if x-rays indicate.
You will have time frames explained and a course of care depending on severity and longevity of the presenting complaint.
Spinal motion and postural exercises will be given and the doctor expects that you will perform them as recommended.  Remember that getting you well is a partnership and requires guidance and participation by all parties.  The quickest result is to follow recomme3ndations diligently.  
Please report any mishaps such as falls etc prior to an adjustment.
Adjustment and ongoing treatment

With adjustments it is important to participate and report progress.  Sometimes symptoms are heightened and sometimes they are resolved.  Usually for the first few visits in very advanced case symptoms will go up and down on a visit to visit basis, eventually settling down and resolving.  Remember the absence of symptoms is no indication of the severity of the condition.

There is usually a number of techniques available and the Chiropractor will choose the best for your particular needs and the utmost safety.

Re Exam and Re Assessment 

Periodically will will re examine and re asses your progress to move to the next stage


Acupressure and Trigger Therapy

Acupressure points will be utilised along with trigger therapy and possibly the use of a massager.


Initial Consultation: Regular Patient  $106.00

                                    Pensioner           $ 96.00

                                    Student               $ 96.00​

Report Consultation: Regular Patient $ 82.00

                                      Pensioner          $ 77.00

                                      Student              $ 77.00

Regular Adjustments: Regular Patient  $ 70.00

                                       Pensioner            $ 65.00

                                       Student                $ 65.00

Extended Visits: Regular Patient $82.00

                             Pensioner          $ 77.00

                             Student              $ 77.00

  • Plan for course of treatment no charge

  • Educational materials no charge

Please Note: a Student is classified as undertaking primary or secondary education.

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