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Origins of Chiropractic

7/1 FairTrader Drive

Yamba NSW 2464


Phone:  0477 154 467

Chiropractic was first discovered in 1895 by DD Palmer.  His son BJ Palmer went on and developed chiropractic and founded the Palmer Chiropractic College in Iowa USA.  The college is still one of the foremost colleges in the world.

Chiropractic is the art of healing by adjusting vertebral misalignments that have caused a change in the normal function of the body.

the most common symptoms that chiropractic may help are :


Neck Pain and whiplash



Lower Back Pain and associated symptoms


Chiropractic colleges around the world specialise in a variety of techniques and as a consequence there are many techniques utilised by chiropractors today such as

Pierce Still-wagon, Thompson, Diversified, Gonstead, Toggle recoil, SOT, NET, Stylus, Logan Basic, trigger point therapy and extremity adjusting to name a few.  


All Patients are different and respond to a variety of techniques, and the recommendation is when something works for you "Stay with it"  There are no miracle cures.

Available Techniques
  • Pierce Still-wagon

  • Thompson

  • Gonstead

  • Trigger point Therapy

  • Stylus

  • Extremity

  • Logan Basic Technique

  • SOT

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